The varieties of raw materials to access in order to meet the demands of patients with different diseases

In Italy, medical cannabis is exclusively supplied by authorized producers, with the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) serving as the regulatory body responsible for authorizing such producers. AIFA establishes the rules and requirements that producers must adhere to in order to obtain authorization for distributing medical cannabis within the country. Currently, the Military Pharmaceutical Institute in […]

Medical Cannabis Growth Amid the Lack of Global Quality Standardization 

Medical cannabis has seen a huge surge in usage and acceptance as a legitimate remedy for a wide range of medical conditions that have been difficult to treat with traditional medicines. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD), which are among the most commonly used cannabis derivatives extracted from the cannabis plant in medical treatments, have brought […]

Medical Cannabis: Legislative Challenges, Medical Control, FemTech and Social Sensitivity  

Medical cannabis is an increasingly relevant topic in our society, where legislative restrictions, medical control, and growing social sensitivity intersect. Its adoption as a therapeutic treatment, though recognized for its benefits in conditions such as chronic pain, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis, remains a subject of debate.  EUROPE  In Europe, the use of medical cannabis varies […]

What Quality Control Actually Means in Medical Cannabis

In a tightly regulated industry like pharmaceuticals, quality control is more than just a protocol; it’s an ongoing process to ensure patient safety and strict adherence to regulatory guidelines. At every point in the manufacturing and production process, QC (quality control) plays a critical role in identifying and remedying issues early to ensure all products […]

The Cannabis Revolution in Germany: New Perspectives on Access and Quality 

How the new legislation is changing the landscape for both adult-use and therapeutic cannabis The Challenge: Public Health and Government  Journalistic reports reveal that the recent German legislation, known as “The Cannabis Act” (CanG), presents a series of details that will influence both recreational and therapeutic use of cannabis.  The main challenge addressed involves public […]

Which molecular components of cannabis are most important for therapeutic effects? 

It’s important to emphasize that cannabis is a complex plant with a wide range of chemical compounds, many of which are not well-known. When people talk about cannabis, it’s immediately associated with THC, the psychoactive molecule. On the other hand, CBD (cannabidiol), terpenes, and flavonoids have shown great potential for therapeutic benefits without producing the […]

What are the most common forms of administration? 

When it comes to medical cannabis, the choice of administration method greatly depends on the country. In Italy, there are essentially two main methods: inhalation and oral administration.  Oil: This is the most common therapeutic form, which is essentially an oily extract obtained from the female cannabis flower.  Resin: This is also another option, with […]

Why ​is ​the ​cannabis ​that ​you ​have ​in ​laboratory ​called ​medical?

When discussing medical cannabis, it’s crucial to consider the nature of the patients who utilize it as therapy. Typically, we’re referring to individuals who are particularly fragile or ill, often with compromised immune systems. Therefore, it’s imperative that they receive a therapy that is completely sterile and safe.  We label it “medical cannabis” because it’s […]

Cannabis-derived terpenes antimicrobial potency – a potential alternative against the antimicrobial resistance in Veterinary treatments

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) poses a significant threat to both human and animal health, demanding innovative solutions to combat infectious diseases effectively. In the realm of veterinary medicine, where antimicrobial agents are routinely employed, the emergence of resistant pathogens has amplified the need for alternative therapeutic options. Cannabis-derived terpenes, known for their diverse biological activities, are […]

CBD for Canine Epilepsy – What are the Takeaways from the Epidiolex Experience?

Results from the use of animals during clinical trials to identify an epilepsy treatment for them  Epilepsy is the most common neurological disorder seen in dogs; scientific literature reports that it has been estimated to affect approximately 0.75% of the canine population. The term epilepsy refers to a heterogeneous disease characterized by the presence of […]