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GQC Editorial Board
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The varieties of raw materials to access in order to meet the demands of patients with different diseases

In Italy, medical cannabis is exclusively supplied by authorized producers, with the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) serving as the regulatory body responsible for authorizing such producers. AIFA establishes the rules and requirements that producers must adhere to in order to obtain authorization for distributing medical cannabis within the country. Currently, the Military Pharmaceutical Institute in Italy is the sole authorized entity for cultivating and producing medical cannabis, while all other products are imported by foreign companies. 

Some of the authorized flower varieties available in Italy today include: 

  • Bedrocan, Bedica, Bedriol, and Bedrolite – produced by Bedrocan in the Netherlands 
  • Linneo – produced by Linneo in Spain 
  • Billy Buttons – produced in Australia by Little Green Pharma 
  • FM1 and FM2 – produced in Italy by the Military Pharmaceutical Institute 

Each flower variety differs in terms of component percentages and terpene profiles, which may make them more or less suitable for specific medical conditions. 

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