About us

Who we are

GQC is an innovative service provider operating in the medical cannabis industry to guarantee product’s quality and enable new therapies. Born within the Lifesciences space, the GQC consulting proposition comes from 20+ years of experience in of the PQE Group, a global quality consulting firm supporting the pharmaceutical and medical device industry in achieving compliance since 1998.

What we plan to do

Our vision is to support the development of new therapies thanks to effective data quality management. We aim to speed up cannabis product registration and cut distances to be closer to patients.

Our mission is to provide effective technology solutions to medical cannabis products to speed up their go-to-market strategy through a local approach, and a global mindset. Thanks to our quality services, we support your processes and technology to navigate regulations worldwide and provide access to medications faster and more efficiently.


The quality of your data is your most important business asset

A strong data management system will help you get through your daily decision processes, attract investments for your business and overcome the regulatory burden.

Meet our Team

Gilda D'Incerti


Worldwide recognized Data Integrity Principal Consultant in the field of IT systems for Lifesciences.

Riccardo Salvagnini

VP Executive

Qualification & Engineering Senior Expert, global strategic growth and business development management.

Alessio Torresi

VP Operations

Principal Consultant in GLP, QA|QC Management and Total Quality System in Analytical Laboratories.

Mariella Di Franco

Engineering Operations & Technical Director

ISPE Italy member | Order of the Engineers member

Our Subject Matter Experts

Mauro Zaratta


Senior expert for Equipment & Utilities Commissioning, Qualification and Validation of Manufacturing Processes.

Nima Naimi

Quality Engineering

12+ years of experience in Quality Engineering for Lifesciences, Facility Design and GMP international compliance.

Francesco Abbate

Regulatory Affairs

Executive consultant in regulatory compliance, international products’ registration and clinical dossiers preparation.

Dominik Marko

Science & R&D

Molecular biology researcher, analytical chemistry for proteins’ purification and laboratory compliance specialist.

Federated Partner

GQC is part of the PQE Group, global ISO 9001 consulting business since 1998 for the Lifesciences Industry. As a federated partner, the close knit alliance with a major player for the regulated environment allows GQC to rely on robust experience, timely projects’ scale up and execution, and senior consultancy on demand.

Creating Extraordinary Sustainable Futures Together

Hesalis and GQC collaborate to drive sustainability and community well-being. With comprehensive services from education to financial support, we prioritize sustainability assisting businesses in developing robust, eco-friendly supply chains through strategic consulting and financial solutions.

Why Choose Us?

At GQC and Hesalis, we’re committed to driving sustainability within the hemp industry and beyond, prioritizing community well-being. With a shared dedication to environmental stewardship, we empower individuals and businesses alike, fostering a sustainable future where communities thrive.

Our Comprehensive Services

From education programs and public examination announcements to assisting in finding financial support for sustainable initiatives, we offer a holistic approach to sustainability. Our services lower barriers for entry into green practices and ensure accessibility whilst maintaining cost efficiency.

Our Methodology

We prioritize people, developing long-term strategies for a sustainable future while safeguarding environmental and human health. Our focus on building a circular economy drives economic systems towards resources’ reuse and waste reduction.