The peak of medical cannabis facility engineering – the “carbon negative” concept

Last decade has witnessed accelerated technical standardization advancements in medical cannabis production life cycle and quality of the materials and procedures used in the process, making significant steps forward to pharmaceutical grade products that grant approved therapies, helping worldwide patients with multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, arthritis, epilepsy and many others. With the intensifying scientific research, we […]

Legislative panorama: focus on Italy  

Internationallly speaking, there are two United Nations conventions regulating the import, distribution, marketing, sale, production and preparation of narcotic substances: one promulgated in 1961 and the other in 1971, both ratified by Italy. Among the substances affected by these regulations is cannabis, which is further regulated by Italian legislation through Table II of the Consolidated […]

Medical cannabis: potential gastrointestinal health regulator

Large spectrum of therapeutic properties of medical cannabis has been an object of discussion within many different contexts such as clinical applications, scientific research or pharmaceutical reality, often being either very promising or filled with large portion of skepticism. Besides already well-established therapeutical applications such as chronic pain, cancer, anorexia and epilepsy, list of medical […]

Medical Cannabis Startups: The Do’s and Don’ts

Keys to Successful Startups Startup companies are a risky business, even more so when the enterprise itself is surrounding a product that is still transforming across markets. Operations for medical cannabis are very difficult to keep afloat, not to mention managing the growing pains that come along with it. Marketing, compliance, and legal challenges are […]

Cannabis Products: last decades progresses

Last decade has witnessed increasing interest in Cannabis field considering every aspect, from business applications to more scientific and medical insights into vast potential that this miraculous plant can offer. More importantly, the public image and perception of Cannabis has made a large leap forward in terms of more civilized approach, discovering numerous alternative applications, […]

Medical Cannabis: quality standards and evolution through scientific research

Early use and discovery of medicinal properties and pharmaceutical applications Cannabis plant in it’s cca 28 million years of evolution found popularity in fairly early stages of our civilization’s development, attracting attention of Asian cultures and travelled west to spread on. It was highly valued for it’s fiber and used often in construction and production […]

Medical Cannabis: Indoor Growing

What is a greenhouse and why do we need it? A greenhouse is a facility intended for plant growth. Besides ensuring the perfect conditions for the growth of a plant, we can also prevent the contamination with any foreign materials. Another aspect is that having that sort of a containment area for narcotic and psychoactive […]

Conceptual Design for a manufacturing plant of cannabis based products

In the fast growing market of cannabis products one of the most important challenge is translating the business needs of a group of stakeholders not always familiar with GMP/GACP principles and with pharmaceutical engineering standards, into clear, specified and measurable design input to be used for the execution of a successful conceptual design. In the […]