GQC Editorial Board
GQC Editorial Board
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March is Endometriosis Awareness Month!

Every March, the world observes Endometriosis Awareness Month to raise awareness and support millions of women affected by Endometriosis around the globe. 

Endometriosis impacts the lives of hundreds of women living with the condition, disrupting their lives as they endure unbearable pain among a plethora of symptoms that significantly degrade their quality of life. Women living with this condition often experience dysmenorrhea, excessive bleeding during menstrual periods, pain during and after intercourse, which may also be experienced when passing stool and urinating. These symptoms, in combination with other prodromes, can make life for women living with endometriosis a nightmare as they struggle to live a wholesome life. Women living with endometriosis also experience trouble conceiving and ultimately infertility, which can take a huge toll on their mental health as they sink into depression and feel anxious about their condition. 

Endometriosis Awareness Month gives each and every one of us a chance to raise awareness of the implications of this condition on the lives of women worldwide and highlight the importance of seeking early treatment and paying attention to symptoms. 

The use of medical cannabis in treating endometriosis is giving hope to millions of affected women around the world as clinical trials suggest that CBD can help ease pain, reduce inflammation, and reduce depression and anxiety in patients living with the condition. 

To learn more about Glocal Quality Cannabis (GQC) and how medical cannabis is helping patients living with endometriosis to live life fully again, take a look at this GQC article written by Dominik Marko, a chemistry and biology expert at GQC, here

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