Israelian Market – Medical Cannabis Regulatory Overview

In comparison with Italy, where 60 million inhabitants provide a consumption equal to 1.2 tons of cannabis annually, Israel uses 48 tons of the same material for 10 million people. The explanation behind this phenomenon, occurring in one of the earliest markets for cannabis, is dual: the first aspect to be considered is the fact […]

CBD use in endometriosis treatments – a new hope for women around the globe

Endometriosis is associated with growth of uterus internal tissue outside of it, resulting in pain, infertility and difficult menstruation periods, making women’s everyday a challenging and frustrating experience. Intense pelvic and bowel movement pain together with uncomfortable sexual intercourse intensify the difficulties leading to major disturbances of daily routine. Moreover, patients can also experience diarrhea, […]

Cannabis in gynecology, historical and modern overview

The Therapeutic Potential of Medical Cannabis in Female Gynecology Modern healthcare has already witnessed numerous different therapeutic directions the medical cannabis has already taken, from chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and glaucoma to epilepsy, HIV or ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) followed by other medical and psychological conditions. Lately, more in-depth research and application have been […]

Brazilian Market – Medical Cannabis Regulatory Overview

Like the rest of the world, the main challenge for the Brazilian legal cannabis market is to know its real size and growth potential. Countless variables must be considered in this equation, whose predominant factor is the inescapable law of supply and demand. Recent news shows us a veritable invasion of cannabis brands and products […]

Medical Cannabis Startups: The Do’s and Don’ts

Keys to Successful Startups Startup companies are a risky business, even more so when the enterprise itself is surrounding a product that is still transforming across markets. Operations for medical cannabis are very difficult to keep afloat, not to mention managing the growing pains that come along with it. Marketing, compliance, and legal challenges are […]

Cannabis Products: last decades progresses

Last decade has witnessed increasing interest in Cannabis field considering every aspect, from business applications to more scientific and medical insights into vast potential that this miraculous plant can offer. More importantly, the public image and perception of Cannabis has made a large leap forward in terms of more civilized approach, discovering numerous alternative applications, […]

Medical Cannabis: Indoor Growing

What is a greenhouse and why do we need it? A greenhouse is a facility intended for plant growth. Besides ensuring the perfect conditions for the growth of a plant, we can also prevent the contamination with any foreign materials. Another aspect is that having that sort of a containment area for narcotic and psychoactive […]