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Cannabis in gynecology, historical and modern overview

The Therapeutic Potential of Medical Cannabis in Female Gynecology

Modern healthcare has already witnessed numerous different therapeutic directions the medical cannabis has already taken, from chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and glaucoma to epilepsy, HIV or ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) followed by other medical and psychological conditions. Lately, more in-depth research and application have been focused on the use of CBD in treating diseases and ailments in female gynecology with astounding rates of success, also in cases where standard medicine fails to aid.

Ancient History of Cannabis Use in Treating Female Reproductive Ailments

Historically, civilizations were very much aware of cannabis effects and potential to support female reproductive system ailments. Ancient history witnessed cannabis use in menstrual disorders, lowering pain and facilitating childbirth, as well as in treatment of uterus tumors or common gonorrhea. Oils made of hemp were often applied topically to lower the pain during childbirth, however they also often burned cannabis flowers and inhaled the smoke. All these practices were recorded in various cultures, from Chinese to Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations, followed by middle-eastern and Arabic cultures. Early medieval era in Europe having already inherited the cannabis ancient use in medicine, went even further with applications, using cannabis in breast swelling pain as well as uterine discomforts.

Cannabis in Herbal Medicine: Combining Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

Herbal medicine was widely used in ancient time and cannabis has been often used in combination with other herbs or non-herbal compounds such as honey to obtain the desired effects. However, it is obvious that ancient cultures already noticed and appreciated the benefits of cannabis in treating female reproductive system conditions. Although the appreciation of the plant came out of its great pain relief potential, they already observed (although they couldn’t explain how) beneficial effects on uterus disorders, menopause treatment or miscarriage prevention.

18th and 19th Century Advancements in Cannabis Applications in Gynecology

In 18th and 19th century medicine started to make larger steps forward, doctors being more and more observational and inventive. Having increased anatomical knowledge, they started to search and describe more in detail how cannabis applications can help with dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps), menorrhagia (heavy menstrual bleeding) or severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

Recent Clinical Trials and Research in Cannabis-Related Products for Female Reproductive Conditions

With increased scientific and pharmaceutical interest in possible applications and mechanisms in place, first preclinical and clinical trials have been conducted in attempt to quantify and compare treatment results and asses the length to which we can rely on cannabis-related products to assist with female reproductive system conditions, allowing for spread of awareness and therapy improvements.

CBD in Endometriosis Treatment: A Revolutionary Discovery for Women’s Health

Very often pharmaceuticals and treatments used in gynecology either don’t deliver desired effect, carry side effects or provide a very short-term relief, whereas cannabis application has proven to not only successfully compete with existing therapies but is more progressive and potent as in case of endometriosis where CBD not only helps women with symptoms such as pelvic pain but also inhibits uterine endometrial stromal cell decidualization. Considering that about 10% of worlds reproductive age female population has endometriosis, the discovery can have a significant impact on treating 200 million women worldwide.

Apart from menstrual and endometriosis applications, cannabis is being also used in other painful conditions on a small scale in different pelvic pain or menopause remedies but we are still looking at first attempts to copy what ancient cultures already did before us without a proper scientific and pharmaceutical support.

Expanding the Use of Cannabis in Gynecology: Current Challenges and Future Opportunities

We are only at the doorsteps of gynecological cannabis applications, much research and clinical trials are yet to be done but with small steps we are starting to have effective and responsible impact on modern women’s health worldwide.

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