CBD in Endometriosis therapy: medical & scientific breakdown

Current knowledge does not allow us to define with certain accuracy the origins and cause of endometriosis, although one thing is certain – it all starts with inflammation, making endometriosis an inflammatory disease. The most common theory states that it all starts during the menstrual cycle, where some of the endometrial tissue pieces move backwards […]

CBD use in endometriosis treatments – a new hope for women around the globe

Endometriosis is associated with growth of uterus internal tissue outside of it, resulting in pain, infertility and difficult menstruation periods, making women’s everyday a challenging and frustrating experience. Intense pelvic and bowel movement pain together with uncomfortable sexual intercourse intensify the difficulties leading to major disturbances of daily routine. Moreover, patients can also experience diarrhea, […]

Cannabis in gynecology, historical and modern overview

The Therapeutic Potential of Medical Cannabis in Female Gynecology Modern healthcare has already witnessed numerous different therapeutic directions the medical cannabis has already taken, from chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and glaucoma to epilepsy, HIV or ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) followed by other medical and psychological conditions. Lately, more in-depth research and application have been […]

The peak of medical cannabis facility engineering – the “carbon negative” concept

Last decade has witnessed accelerated technical standardization advancements in medical cannabis production life cycle and quality of the materials and procedures used in the process, making significant steps forward to pharmaceutical grade products that grant approved therapies, helping worldwide patients with multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, arthritis, epilepsy and many others. With the intensifying scientific research, we […]

Medical cannabis: potential gastrointestinal health regulator

Large spectrum of therapeutic properties of medical cannabis has been an object of discussion within many different contexts such as clinical applications, scientific research or pharmaceutical reality, often being either very promising or filled with large portion of skepticism. Besides already well-established therapeutical applications such as chronic pain, cancer, anorexia and epilepsy, list of medical […]

Cannabis Products: last decades progresses

Last decade has witnessed increasing interest in Cannabis field considering every aspect, from business applications to more scientific and medical insights into vast potential that this miraculous plant can offer. More importantly, the public image and perception of Cannabis has made a large leap forward in terms of more civilized approach, discovering numerous alternative applications, […]

Medical Cannabis: quality standards and evolution through scientific research

Early use and discovery of medicinal properties and pharmaceutical applications Cannabis plant in it’s cca 28 million years of evolution found popularity in fairly early stages of our civilization’s development, attracting attention of Asian cultures and travelled west to spread on. It was highly valued for it’s fiber and used often in construction and production […]